TIVOLI 40 mm

The grass color is full green, seems very hoping and cheered up the courtyard, with Spine shape yarn, which stand upright and elasticity. And the middle spine on the yarn equivalent to the true grass veins, can imitate the performance of true grass, such as mositure absorption, electrostatic dispersion, reduce dust absorption, and can reduce the heat and light absorption, reduce the surface temperature.

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  • Product name: Tivoli
  • Supplier: Bellinturf
  • Origin: China
  • Application: Landscaping
  • Color: Field Green + Lime Green + Coffe + Beige
  • Yarn Type: Monofilament (Spine Shape) + Curling
  • Gauge: 3/8”
  • Pile height: 40 mm
  • Dtex: 11,300
  • Stiches/10cm: 15
  • Total Weight: 2,878 gr/m²