“Recommended by experts” When best results are desired there is nothing quite like placing yourself in the hands of specialists… and Terra Omega will be one of their recommendations if you ask them for advice.
Thick and strong polyethylene blades withstand better UV radiation and the blade shapes help bolster resilience, which basically means this grass has been technically engineered to retain its gorgeous look and good performance for an extreme long time.

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  • Product name: TERRA OMEGA FOREST
  • Supplier: Turf Grass
  • Origin: Spain
  • Application: Landscaping
  • Color: 4 colors
  • Yarn Type: Monofilament mix
  • Gauge: 3/8”
  • Pile height: 35 mm
  • Dtex: 17.500
  • Stiches/10cm: 14
  • Total Weight: 2.955 gr/m²