“Brighter, better, softer, stronger” Izar is a technologically advanced artificial grass . Its S- and C-shape blades made out of a strong polymer, make it extremely durable. Its premium quality is comparable to that of Terra Omega but its colours are brighter. Izar is characterised by an impressive resilience and is ideally suited for medium to high traffic applications in any garden.

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  • Product name: IZAR APPLE
  • Supplier: Turf Grass
  • Origin: Spain
  • Application: Landscaping
  • Color: 4 colors
  • Yarn Type: Monofilament mix
  • Gauge: 3/8”
  • Pile height: 35 mm
  • Dtex: 17.500
  • Stiches/10cm: 13
  • Total Weight: 2.775 gr/m²