A tennis court that is playable throughout the year, which requires little maintenance and that features the playing characteristics of clay: in short, the ideal tennis court. With SmashCourt®, Domo® Sports Grass has developed a tennis surface that meets all of these requirements! For many tennis players, clay is the ideal surface. It has and ideal speed and ball bounce with which the ball imprints remain visible and gliding, turning or reversing remains as easy as ever. For owners and managers of tennis complexes gravel remains a demanding surface that requires constant attention and is limitedly playable. SmashCourt® is a tennis surface that combines the benefits of an allweather court with the look and playing characteristics of clay.

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  • Product name: SMASHCOURT
  • Supplier: Domo
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Application: Tennis
  • Color: Gravel
  • Yarn Type: 
  • Gauge: 3/16”
  • Pile height: 14 mm ± 5%
  • Dtex: 
  • Stiches/10cm: 320 / lm ± 10%
  • Total Weight: 2.262 gr / m² ± 10%