Who We Are

Specialized Trading and Investments Company (STI) is a premier provider of state-of-the-art sport Flooring, Equipments and synthetic grass solutions in the MENA region. It is the exclusive distributor in Jordan and Saudi Arabia for the European-based and global leader, ‘GreenFields’, a Tencate company and FIFA-Preferred Producer.
STI is a public shareholding company listed on the Amman Stock Exchange under the trading ticker ‘SPTI’, and is continuously seeking trading and investment opportunities in the sports, retail, and information technology sectors.

Our Mission

Improve the way our communities live and play through relentlessly delivering premium, custom-tailored sport Flooring, Equipments and landscaping products and services.

Our Vision

To effectively achieve this, we must emphasis on importance of using advanced and highly durable flooring and surfaces considering that the ground is the only controllable factor that influence performance. By offering and providing our clients with the right blend of cushion and traction, color and thickness, we can unlock their potential to maximize their playing abilities and also provide them with the landscape they longed for.
Ultimately, we are looking forward to be the main provider for all the Sports Flooring needs & Gym Equipment in the MENA region that are built to the highest standards.

History Background

Established the Company
As a steel trading company, STI initially specialized in sourcing steel from around the world and selling it to satisfy the needs of the Jordanian construction market.

Launched STI Turf
The company shifted its focus entirely through launching STI Turf, an entity dedicated solely to designing, building, and maintaining artificial turf systems for sport facilities, residential and commercial spaces.

Total of 12 Awards
Until the year 2016, we were nominated several times, and won 12 awards in total for landscape design. We are very proud of this achievement.

2017 Expansion
After proving being the market leader in supplying artificial turf, the company had decided at the end of 2017, to expand its operation to include supplying Gym Equipments (New and refurbished).

+SQM Turf Installed
+ Full Sized Fields
% Satisfied Clients

Social Responsibility

In all of our business activities we place monumental focus on delivering state-of-the-art products and services to all of our clients. Our customer centric approach ensures that we present our clients with the most suitable and tailored solutions for their everyday life. We are not in the business of winning awards for ourselves, but for all of our stakeholders, coexisting in our communities and becoming part of their life. Throughout the years, STI Turf engaged in many initiatives that gave back to the community, by providing a space for people from all walks of life to unleash their passion for sports. Through building fields in impoverished areas around Jordan, we believe it is like giving “the artist" an "empty canvas.” While we will continue to deliver standard-elevating products and services; consistency, transparency, ethicality and sustainability will remain an integral part of our core value at STI Turf, giving back to our communities, our earth and our employees all year round.

FIFA Certificates

With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your source for the highest quality and landscaping service.

Al Ahli Training Field
Al Wehdat Training Field
Higher Youth Council Polo, Field 1
Higher Youth Council Polo, Field 2
Terek Field 1
Shabab Al Ordon Training Field
Kind Hussein Park